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Therapeutic Orthopedic Massage (T.O.M.) is an advanced style of bodywork that involves functional assessment tests that determine most orthopedic conditions and outline a treatment plan using multiple modalities, combining massage strokes, Shiatsu, joints & soft tissue mobilization and manual resistive techniques. This type of therapeutic massage can release chronic tension and restore balance and wellness. Some of the more common issues that treated with T.O.M. are chronic low back, neck and shoulder pain, nerve entrapments, repetitive strain injuries, ligament sprains, and acute injuries resulting from sports or auto accidents. While T.O.M. addresses specific issues and sessions typically focus on specific problem areas, many clients enjoy this type of massage for relaxation and health maintenance.

Muscle groups shorten due to prolonged poor posture or repetitive motions. Shortened muscle groups need to be stretched or they will pull bones into nerves and blood vessels, which can cause or contribute to a variety of orthopedic conditions. Scar tissue occurring as a result of sudden trauma serves to stabilize and protect the area from further injury, however it also can cause a great deal of pain and stiffness and become a chronic condition. I believe that joint arthritis is a symptom that results from tight muscles around joints (Orthopedic condition).

After sessions, patients are provided with instruction on how to be actively involved in their own treatment. This instruction can include specific stretches and exercises, using good body mechanics, changing their ergonomic environment and watching their posture.

Sessions are one hour long and cost $90.00. If you are interested in coming for a treatment or would like to discuss whether you would benefit from Therapeutic Orthopedic Massage, contact me at:

Art by Edna Michaeli

Disciple with Mentor
Moshe and Tomezo Hoshino

7800 SW 57th Ave. #106
Miami, FL 33143

Office: 305.665.2379
Cell: 305.726.1673

E-mail: info@moshinotherapy.com

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Moshe Michaeli
Born 02/16/1948
Kibutz Ramat - Kakovesh, Israel

1964 - 1973   Professional dancer
1973 - 1975   Studied massage therapy uner Julius Rembrandt and practiced in Grossinger Spa and Coutry-Club in New York
1976 - 1990   Practiced massage therapy in Miami, Florida
1991 - 1992   Studied accupuncture & accupressure at Southeast Institute of Oriental Medicine, Miami, Florida
1993 - 1996   Practiced Hoshino Therapy at the Bio Therapeutic Hoshino Clinic in Coral Gables, Florida
1995 - 1996   Tought massage therapy at Southeast Institute of Oriental Medicine in Miami, Florida
1996 - Present   Owner of Moshino Clinic, Miami, Florida